Cooking by the censored book

I posted previously, in Swedish, a remixed song+video by an INTERNET ACQUAINTANCE of mine, “Cooking by the Book” A Lil’ Bigger Mix by Mastgrr. Now that marvellous work has been removed from YouTube.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by LazyTown Entertainment

Well, that copy anyway. The audio remix has been reposted several times in various forms by fans making their personal attributions to the song. And the video has been reborn as the phenomenon CAKEROLL (see: rickrolling)

So fuck you, LazyTown Entertainment. Mastgrr obviously put down a lot of effort in creating the remix and thus should be appropriately given the copyright (upphovsrätt, “founder’s rights”) for that version, making it impossible by at least Swedish law to change (remove) the result of his work.

Video: “Cooking by the Book” A Lil’ Bigger Mix by Mastgrr

It’s old by now, but worth its digital weight in gold.

[Video removed]

I love Mastgrr.


This copy has been removed by YouTube due to a copyright infringement threat by Lazy Town. Of course there are other copies.