IRC on the subject of Whale scientists

Before I paste the IRC log, have you noticed my new, pretty favicon? Werzie made the original years ago. I liked it so much that I made a tiny 16×16 pixel version to represent me in the blog world.

Representing myself reminds me that I should present myself picture-wise here as well. So readers get that PERSONAL TOUCH, you know.

<K`Tetch> anyone able to tell me what statsvetare och valforskare  means?
<aes> statsvetare=political scientist
<MMN-o> K`Tetch: Statsvetare is someone who has studied political science
<aes> valforskare=election+researcher
<MMN-o> yeah
<K`Tetch> ah ok
<K`Tetch> i got the polictical scientist
<klaramao> and valforskare election scientist
<K`Tetch> didn’t know about the other
<K`Tetch> thanks
<MMN-o> Political scientist sounds MUCH MORE FUN than what it is.
<razor> K`Tetch: valforskare could also be one who studies whales
<aes> Strictly, stats+vetare: State+know:er
<K`Tetch> i know, MMN-o
<razor> the word for whale and election is the same in Swedisn
<MMN-o> I picture like… A prime minister who shoots rockets and stuff.
<MMN-o> Peewwwwww
<MMN-o> valforskare is also “whale scientist”
<MMN-o> That too sounds more awesome.
<razor> scientist/researcher actually
<MMN-o> K`Tetch: Are you sure you’re reading the right texts? Perhaps you should read about marine biologists and rocket scientists.
* MMN-o stops trying to be funny.
<K`Tetch> so, swedish has the view, that politicians are ungainly big hulks of blubber, wailing all the time, and constantly spounting out their blow-hole
<razor> K`Tetch: not politicians, but elections