Irony of the day: Chinese Democracy

The person who shared songs from Guns N’ Roses latest album “Chinese democracy” has gotten a sour bite of the US “democracy”. 2 months house arrest, a $30.000 fine and he’s forced to participate in making an anti-piracy propaganda video. The Wired reports:

Kevin Cogill was arrested last summer at gunpoint and charged with uploading nine tracks of the Chinese Democracy album to his music site — The album, which cost millions and took 17 years to complete, was released in November and reached No. 3 in the charts.

Now. Who the fuck spends 17 years making an album? Are we really to believe that Guns N’ Roses has actively worked on their latest album for almost two decades? Hell no. Just ignore that part entirely. I’d prefer it if the news reported that “Guns N’ Roses hasn’t released anything at all the last 17 years”. If it’s even relevant to the article.

Antiquiet, internet home of the sentenced Kevin “skwerl” Cogill, also reports on the verdict:

As you may have heard, our very own Kevin “Skwerl” Cogill has been caught up in a web of bullshit with the Recording Industry Association of America for the past year, following his arrest at gunpoint for streaming nine new Guns N’ Roses tracks prior to the fizzled decade-and-a-half-in-the-making release of Chinese Democracy.

Also, arrest at gunpoint?! Why on earth is the FBI involved in hunting down filesharers? In no way whatsoever can that be justified. Especially not considering how filesharing benefits the commercial music industry as a whole as well as individual artists.

So fuck you, Chinese Democracy of RIAA.

Update 2009-07-15, 18:55 CET: Haha, the album Chinese Democracy wasn’t really that amazing. I’m ashamed to even link a Google search for the torrent… Sigh. Why did they have to release it? Guns N’ Roses were awesome legends, but now they’re just any other generic rock band…